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March 13 (approaching the ides people!) 
Ángel sent a very, very useful breakdown of how to lay out a didactic unit! ¡Olé! Finally, someone spelled it out for us! If you don't have access to it, pleas e-mail me and I will forward it to you, or get it from maes.inles@hotmail.es
Write a Rationale that is one paragraph long. 
What is a Rationale? 
It's like an introduction to any given level of education, in our case secondary. What this introduction intends to do is to give the reasoning behind how and  why you, as a teacher, plan to teach a certain course integrating all the national and regional laws. Of course it is impossible to state all of the specific laws about a certain level, or secondary education in general, in a brief paragraph. What's usually done is to highlight global goals from the L.O.E and L.E.A. and apply them to the specific level you are dealing with. 
Why are these Rationale's only done for a specific level? Well, technically, I imagine you'd have to know how to do one for any level (in secondary ed). I imagine what's most important is that you know the difference between the levels, cycles and stages. For instance, it's important to know what are the differences between 4th of ESO and 1st of Bachillerato, other than the obvious in that Bachillerato is not obligatory. It's always a good idea to integrate the main goals, like those stated in the Common European Framework, because you'll have time to state the specific laws as you move on in your presentation. 
Clearly, not all of us will use these to because we are not all going to do the "oposiciones", that doesn't really matter. As a teacher, by law, you still need to know these things to teach in secondary education. Being able to express the main points in a short paragraph isn't a bad idea, and who knows, you may try for the "oposiciones" sometime in the future. 
(just my opinion guys! Correct me if I'm way off-base,or if you've got anything to add... knock your socks off!)

La Inv. Ed. y los Met.y Téc. de Inv. en la Didáctica: 

The remaining specific outlines of research projects are due on Monday, March 15 (yikes! the ides of March!) Follow the handout Ángel gave us in order to complete the outline correctly. I'm not sure whether we will be required to do more actual research. This is under debate. 

Téc. Inn. en la Ens. de Leng.Ex. (BL 1 - Candela) 

Desarrolla un clase que dura una hora en un aula TIC para 5 de Abril. (pequeño proyecto)
for Candela
Saturday, March 13:
Hola a tod@s,

Después de replantearnos Esther Villa y yo el sistema de evaluación de la asignatura "Técnicasinnovadoras en la enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras", hemos decidido que l@s alumn@s podrán elegir o bien el trabajo encargado por Esther o bien el que yo os he planteado. Para la nota final, por lo tanto, únicamente se deberá realizar uno de los trabajos.
Para los casos en los que ya se hayan entregado los dos trabajos, y si no recibimos objeciones al respecto por parte de los afectados, se les compensará el trabajo extra con una valoración superior en la nota final, que dependerá de la calidad de dichos trabajos.
Os recordamos que tanto Esther como yo estamos disponibles en las horas de consulta, o fuera de ellas con cita previa, para que acudáis a revisar los trabajos antes de la entrega final, si consideráis que lo necesitáis.
Por lo tanto, si no recibimos de aquí al lunes 15 de marzo una queja por parte de l@s alumn@s que ya han entregado los trabajos, daremos por confirmado este sistema de evaluación.

Un saludo a tod@s,

Candela Delgado.

Copied from e-mail sent by Candela on March 12. 

Técnicas Innovadoras (BL2 - Esther)

For March 27th: 
Write an 8 page document, based on personal experience, noted education psychologists, and other bibliography, that states what types of strategies you will use as a teacher, what you think is effective and how you plan to apply these strategies in the classroom. Eight pages is just a suggested amount. The minimum is 5 pages, and if you are working in a group towards this goal, you must get in contact with Esther for your specific guidelines. 
See Above e-mail from Candela.....

Para Martes, 23 de Feb:
Write out a list of things that aren't stated (in any law, orientation plan, or such) or told to the teacher which are:
  • fundamental in teaching
  • that influence teacher-student relations
  • that influence the effectiveness of your lesson plan. 
Téc y Rec para la Ens.de Ing como leng. ext: 

para miércoles 24 de febrero. 
Desarrolla el tema "dance"  para dar una clase a nivel 2º de bachillerato.

para miércoles 10 de febrero.
Desarrolla una manera para enseñar el futuro simple en inglés. ¿Cuáles pueden ser los problemas que nos podemos encontrar al enseñarlo y cuáles serían las soluciónes a estos problemas?

Complementos para la Form. Disc:
Por favor amigas... que me aclaren qué tenemos que hacer en esta asignatura. No he entendido bien el plan de esta asignatura. 

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