Thursday, February 11, 2010


I called the I.C.E. today to make sure I have all that I need to apply to have my 2 years of private secondary school education validated so as not to have to do the practice time.

The woman I spoke with was rude and treated me as though I had no Idea what I was doing in the Spanish teaching system, or in the Masters for that matter. How they could possibly have people who have not been instructed or have any idea regarding how to speak to an immigrant without making them feel like a complete idiot and useless piece of crap? She tried to send me off to Luis Marín (not sure I got his name right, but he's the one in charge of our MAES hell, who never answers his phone) as if that would help. I promptly told her that she was basically sending me to go talk to the wall.

After she had raised her voice with me, and wouldn't even let me clarify her misinterpretation of what I was asking, (she just assumed that since I was a foreigner, the only place my teaching experience could have come from is outside of Spain!) I just about lost it completely and then she said she was going to transfer me to "someone else" in the I.C.E. who might be able to help me (steam was emitting from my ears by then).

The next unprofessional thing that she did was put the phone away from her mouth and half covered it (instead of at least putting me on hold where I could let a few choice swear words rip), and began to speak with a co-worker about it. She then handed the phone to him and he said, "Digame...."

Slow down, switch gears. This poor guy is given a hot potato because of someone else's incompetence. I'm livid on the line and I don't want to take it out on someone who can possibly help me. So, first I ask his name, just in case this is going to be hot-potato for real.
Luis Miguel Alba, kudos to you! He managed to listen not only to what I had to ask, but did so knowing I was on FIRE, he explained what I needed, he did not try to excuse his co-worker's ignorance and just gave me what I needed and added that I should try to get the things I needed there ASAP.

Did it have to be an immigrant issue and screw up my morning? No.

Is everyone working at the I.C.E an idiot? NO.
I found one truly valuable person, Luis Miguel Alba, at least.

A general note to the I.C.E. and MAES administrators....
You can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar....and there are a lot of bees flying around your nest these days. There are about 10,000 students in all of Andalusia doing the MAES, I wonder how many of them go to the University of Seville....it's a lot of bees anyway.

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  1. hey!! the group's email is finally master.ingles@hotmail.es

    go in and check some emails between luis martin and me that could be interesting for all of u

    see u in "hell"



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